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So, are you better off today than you were for years ago?

So, are you better off today than you were for years ago?

My new desktop wallpaper.

My new desktop wallpaper.

Me on TV.

The ADL is/isn’t Left Wing

Guess it depends who you ask.

From Ynet

The Anti-Defamation League called on the Israeli government to extend a proposed amendment to the Citizenship Act to cover all immigrants seeking citizenship, including Jews.The Jewish-American organization, which isn’t considered left wing, is demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alter the amendment to the Citizenship Law.

From Ann Coulter

The Anti-Defamation League is to Jews what the National Organization for Women is to women and the ACLU is to civil libertarians. They represent not Jews or women or civil libertarians, but the left wing of the Democratic Party.

By going to school with Jewish children, they are going to be getting a good education. In that community there’s no foolishness when it comes to education.
Nation of Islam member Willie Moody, parent of five year old twin daughters Aalim and Aalima who attend the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School in Midwood, Brooklyn.
Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax understood that his own freedom, to be in America and to work, also compelled him to get involved, to take responsibility for others. He stepped in, he became part of the conflict, because he saw his own relationship to other people. That he paid the ultimate price for his actions indicates that those around him didn’t see their obligation to him. Maybe they would ignore all people in trouble. Or maybe they ignored him because he was homeless, because they made assumptions about who he was, because he was “other.”
Kagan grows up in a world where the prejudice against women is being dismantled as she’s becoming a teenager. I think that the Upper West Side in the fifties and sixties was that kind of place — where you could imagine yourself a Jewish girl going as far as you wanted to go.
The time is long past for Jews to assume that the forces of reaction are somehow “more authentic” or “more religious” than the forces of dynamism, responsiveness, and creativity.

John: What is your worst Valentine’s memory?

Jena: Getting a Valentine from a mentally disabled boy in my 4th grade class and telling him that I couldn’t be his Valentine, not because of his severe learning disability but because my mom only wanted me to date Jewish guys, then finding out he was…I should have known by the last name.

Jon Stewart hearts… UJA-Federation of NY

Jon Stewart hearts… UJA-Federation of NY